Dry suit for rentals

The development of the SUP industry in the world is breaking all records: the number of schools and rentals is growing like mushrooms after the rain. In order for your rental business to grow and develop, it is necessary to look for ways to stand out among competitors, increasing the level of customer orientation, by offering safety and comfort for clients, as well as to make the SUP season longer.

For this purpose we have developed a new rolling suit with an increased level of reliability and wear resistance: denser fabric with reduced dirt exposure, reinforced with a special material of knees and back and simplified design to make the price lower.

Key features

For clients:
  • 1
    All-weather suit
    The possibility of riding in cold or rainy weather
  • 2
    Comfortable wearing
    Can be worn on ordinary city clothes
  • 3
    The ability to fall into the water and stay dry
  • 4
    A sense of security: there is no fear of falling into the water and overcooling
  • 5
    Comfort while riding SUP
    Breathable membrane fabric removes sweat and excess heat, keeping body in absolutely comfortable conditions inside the suit.
For business:
  • 1
    Extension of the working period
    Rent SUP boards in autumn and spring. If your rental is in a region without snow and freezing temperatures, work all-year round.
  • 2
    Increase in annual revenue
    Rent more, earn more
  • 3
    Increasing the average check
    The average check is increased by offering an additional service like a dry suit
  • 4
    Number of customers
    The number of customers in non-ideal weather for SUP increase, due to the closure of the client's fear of getting wet
  • 5
    Increasing customer orientation
    Giving the opportunity to choose among any kind of equipment for different purposes, clients will come back to your rental and give advice to their friends.

Dry suit construction

Dry suit for rental

The price is wholesale only and valid for orders of 5 pieces or more.

Available sizes: S/M and L/XL
Colors: Blue, Black, Graphite, Beige, Red
Logo Printing: Back/Hip + €50 to each suit (from 5 pieces)

Description: Breathable airtight suit for SUP-boarding at any time of the year. Keeps the body dry when falling into the water, breathable membrane fabric removes sweat and excess heat, making prolonged stay on the water more comfortable. Can be worn even over city clothes.

Fabric: 100% water-permeable fabric (water resistance 20,000 mm), vapor permeability 15,000 g/m2. Water-repellent and dirt-repellent impregnation DWR.

Weight: 500 g
Cuffs: Neoprene
Collar: Neoprene
Warranty: 1 year
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