Drysuit care

How to use, wash, dry and store a Waterman drysuit.

The Waterman drysuit is designed to protect watermen against bad weather (wind, rain, snow, water) and short-term immersion in water. The material is sewn: we choose the best membrane breathable fabric but you should carefully use it and clean as we recommend.

Before using the suit, we recommend:
  • put on a base layer of clothing, if there is a subzero temperature use two base layers of clothing;
  • do not rush when putting on the suit, despite the wear-resistant materials, haste can lead to a rupture of the cuff, a zipper breakage.

After using the suit, we recommend:

  • remove the grains of sand and algae from the fixing velcro;
  • fold the roll into a bag and go to the place of desalination and washing.

If the contamination is local, remove it with a sponge and a membrane cloth detergent. Wash the suit completely only in case of absolute contamination!

  • the suit should be washed inside out, the temperature should not exceed +30 degrees,
  • use special means for washing membrane fabrics,
  • do not wring out and do not use the drying mode.

  • hang on a hanger, let the water drain,
  • dry on both sides,
  • dry in place away from a direct heat source: do not dry on the battery and in the drying mode of the washing machine,
  • when it absolutely dry, you need to soak the suit with a regenerating agent for membrane fabric (if washed with a means without this effect).

  • the suit can be stored either on a hanger in the closet or rolled up,
  • latex cuffs should be treated with talcum powder,
  • do not store near a direct source of heat and moisture.

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of purchase

The warranty covers the tightness of the seams and water-repellent properties with recommended usage: the maximum stay in the water is no more than 2 minutes.
The suit has steam-draining properties that can change in severe frost (at temperatures from -15 degrees the amount of moisture may decrease).
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