What is a drysuit made of

The Waterman drysuit consists of:


Waterman suits are made of high quality three-layer breathable membrane fabric. It is the best type of material for this kind of suit, it is also used in the tailoring of technological and sports equipment.

About the membrane

We use the membrane of the English company Porelle – a manufacturer with 35 years of experience!
We use the membrane of the English company Porelle – a manufacturer with 35 years of experience!

The most important thing for assessing the quality of the membrane are water resistance and vapor permeability. We use membrane 20000/20000 or 20000/15000. What do these numbers mean?

The first value of 20000 indicates water resistance and determines how much water pressure (column in mm) the material can withstand without leakage. In this case, 20,000 mm per 1 mm of water column.

The second value indicates vapor permeability. That is, how many grams of water vapor the membrane is able to pass through itself on an area of 1 m² per day. In the PRO series, this value is 20000 g/m2 for greater heat retention, in the LIGHT series 15000 g/m2 for more comfortable sports or warmer weather.

The membrane is very thin and must be combined with additional layers having its own special properties. For the manufacture of a Waterman dry suit we use a three-layer membrane fabric:

  • 1st layer: hardshell/soft, 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • 2nd layer: Sport-Active membrane
  • 3rd layer: polyester mesh.


    Waterman suits are impregnated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). It is applied to the top layer of the fabric without disturbing its breathable properties.

    Thanks to this, water drops roll off the surface of the material, leaving it dry for as long as possible and, moreover, clean! DWR also has dirt-repellent properties. Even if you manage to get it dirty, you can easily remove the dirt yourself.

    All Waterman suits are equipped with neoprene cuffs. We intentionally don't use latex, because we consider neoprene to be a more pleasant, reliable and comfortable material. We use the highest quality and most elastic neoprene giving a guarantee on it, in which case we carry out warranty or service repairs of our cuffs.

    The sealed zipper is one of the most important elements of a dry suit. We use Japanese YKK (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha) zippers in our products. World renowned manufacturer with in-house production of all zipper elements and the best reputation in the world.

    The discreet stretch tie, comfortable slider and medium sized teeth are perfect for our dry suit.

    The hood is made of membrane fabric with velcro. Indispensable in bad weather, wind, keep your head clear and dry.
    Adjustable Velcro

    Velcro fix sleeves, legs and serve as an additional sealant. Velcro at the waist adjusts the suit to size. A wide, soft velcro at the neck protects you from the wind.

    Dry suits are equipped with sealed or splash-proof pockets with drainage to drain water (depending on series). There are pockets both inside and outside. The pocket is useful for keys or a phone.

    Any suit can be equipped with a sealed sock. In the main series, the suits come without it, because we believe that the suit is more reliable to use with neoprene or membrane high socks in combination with hydro-shoes.

    Socks from the optional set are made of softshell fabric + TPU film + cozy knit inside.
    Knee pads

    For conditions requiring additional reliability (suits for rent or white water), we use knee pads and heel protection made of durable Oxford military fabric. It provides maximum protection against tearing and abrasion.
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